Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Power to the people?

Uwe Boll is not a popular individual. (If the name means nothing to you, click here to peruse his credits.) Film-goers don’t like him because he makes bad movies. Gamers don’t like him because said bad movies are based on well-liked games.

An online petition is underway, calling for him to “stop directing, producing or taking any part in the creation of feature films”. Informed by an interviewer that 18,000 people had signed it, Boll declared that it would take at least a million signatures to convince him to retire from film-making.

As I write this, the petition stands at 88,091 signatures – in other words, 911,099 to go.

I should probably use this post to debate the morality of the public being allowed to call time on a director’s career … but then again, we’re talking about Uwe Boll. So I’ll just provide a link to the petition, let you come to your own decisions and leave it at that.

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