Friday, June 20, 2008

The Not Happening

Wow! And I thought I didn't like 'The Happening'.

Lou Kije has started a site, The Not Happening, dedicated to encouraging audiences to walk out of the film, protest its dire shortcomings and petition Rupert Murdoch for their money back.

This is not just shouty prozelytising. Mr Kije writes as a film fan, a man who has watched thousands of movies and has now - for the first time in his life - felt compelled to walk out of a cinema.

His postings are lucid, intelligent and basically take an objectively-wielded scalpel to Shyamalan's movie.

I feel kinship with Mr Kije - I started my first film blog, MovieBuff, after I was so incensed by 'The Village' that I needed a platform to fulminate. Hence this post: visit The Not Happening. Leave a comment if you agree.

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Thanks for your comments and support.

You're currently in the running for my favorite person of 2007.