Friday, May 22, 2009

HELLRAISERS: Plenty of O'Toole

Deciding on the Hellraisers project – rave about one film a month, alternating between the careers of Messrs Burton, Harris, O’Toole and Reed – I logged into my LoveFilm account and enthusiastically updated my list with the highlights of these gentlemen’s back catalogue. I arranged the list so that I’d get a fair selection for each actor that would give me plenty of material for the next few months.

Many of my choices, however, were flagged with “short wait”, “long wait” or “very long wait”, which I am convinced is a euphemism for “there is a copy of this on DVD, honest, but we largely suspect it’s being used as a beer mat by an oil-rig worker based off the coast of Shetland, but the moment we get it back we’ll send to you, honest we will”.

The first two hellraiser titles to hit my doormat were ‘The Night of the Generals’ and ‘The Stunt Man’. And so it is that the project kicks off, over the next two evenings, with a Peter O’Toole double bill.

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