Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rachel Weisz

Even if it wasn't Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz's birthday today, I think I'd still have found some excuse to post these pictures.

Rachel Weisz's big screen debut in Bertolucci's 'Stealing Beauty' is among the sultriest, most memorable introductions ever. Beyond the obvious appeal, she's also fearless and honest in her characterisations, perhaps most notably in the role that bagged her the Oscar, political activist Tessa in Fernando Meirelles' magnificent adaptation of John le Carre's novel 'The Constant Gardener'.

A large glass of chenin blanc is being raised to Ms Weisz at chez Agitation this evening.


Unknown said...

Always nice to see pics of this lovely actress. I think that the first film I saw her in was THE MUMMY oddly enough and say what you will about it but she was good in it and seemed to have genuine chemistry with her co-star Brendan Fraser. And, as far as Indy Jones rip-offs go, you could do a lot worse (like the successive sequels).

Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks, J.D. Weisz was definitely the best thing about the 'Mummy' movies, and it's great that she's carved out a career that balances mainstream entertainment with darker, more challenging character roles.