Friday, October 28, 2011

Contributions, creepy movies and cool dudes

As if the Second Annual 13 For Halloween round-up and my contribution on Fulci’s ‘The Beyond’ to the Italian Horror Movie Blogathon hosted by Hugo Stigltiz Makes Movies weren’t enough!

I’m included in a mammoth post on The Film Connoisseur today which brings together four bloggers with a love of horror movies: yours truly, the Film Connoisseur himself Francisco Gonzalez, Shaun Anderson of The Celluloid Highway and Brian Bankston of Cool Ass Cinema. Shaun considers supernatural films from Britain, while I look at similarly themed works from America; Brian takes a walk on the wild side with some HK/Japanese tales of terror, and Francisco unearths some fascinating fear-fests from the silent/b&w era. Head over to The Film Connoisseur and check it out.

From tomorrow, I’ll be blogging the last three of 13 For Halloween reviews here on The Agitation of the Mind, and taking part in Shane Briant Appreciation Day on Facebook.

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Franco Macabro said...

The post turned out great, thanks for collaborating dude!