Saturday, July 07, 2012

Robert A Heinlein

Celebrating Robert A Heinlein's birthday on The Agitation of the Moon. 


Elwood Jones said...

Wow how did I miss that "Starship Troopers" poster??

Also thought I'd let you know that I have awarded you the "Liebster Award" for having such an epically fun blog.

Neil Fulwood said...

Hi, Elwood. Cool poster, isn't it? Much better than the more well-known one.

Thanks for the Liebster Award, dude. I'll be sharing 11 things you never knew about me and tagging 11 other cool bloggers (although I notice you got to my man Bryce of TTDS first!) in my next post.

Elwood Jones said...

I really need to see that movie again soon, much like the "Roughnecks" TV series.

No probs and like Bryce your blog is more than worthy of the award!

Looking forward to seeing your own pics