Thursday, February 27, 2014

Art Decades

Anyone who has read Jeremy Richey’s blog Moon in the Gutter will know that he is passionate about cinema, music, art and literature. Not to mention an astute writer on many subjects. The ideal qualities, in short, to helm a print magazine with a broad and eclectic purview.

Art Decades promises to be essential reading for everyone who cares about the arts in whatever form. Cineaste? They’ll be plenty there for you. Music lover? Ditto. Photography your bag? They’ll be some great stuff. Poetry? Jeremy’s been kind enough to ask me for some new work specially for the first issue.

All that’s needed is some capital for publishing software, an associated website, promotional costs and sundries for photoshoots etc. Jeremy’s asking for very little in the grand scheme of things and the Art Decades Indiegogo funding page (click here) offers some very tantalizing incentives. Please consider contributing something – you’ll be a part of a project that’s worthy of success.

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Jeremy Richey said...

Sorry I didn't see this sooner! Thank you so much for these kind words and links. So happy to have you on board!