Saturday, February 08, 2014

Dawn of the Unread

When the dead go unread because libraries are closing down, there’s gonna be some trouble.

Dawn of the Unread is a print and digital arts project designed to promote reading and libraries, and such it launches today to coincide with National Libraries’ Day. Helmed by James Walker, the project brings together a melange of East Midlands based writers and artists.

So what’s it all about? Allow me to quote from the Dawn of the Unread website:

"12 literary figures from Nottingham’s past are coming back from the grave in search of the one thing that will keep them alive… boooooks. 

Now before you start mithering that libraries in Nottingham haven’t closed down yet, calm down. It’s only an apocalypse. Unread authors are a right sensitive lot and think prevention is better than cure. So consider this a Roadmap to Peace (that’s Charlie to you). Not to mention Bendigo, Sillitoe, Reville, Howitt, Lawrence, Byron Clough, Trease, the 5th Duke of Portland, the Gotham Fool, Ms Hood and Rawicz." 

So where do I come into it? Well, zombies might be getting the literary treatment starting today, but they’re still best known as cinematic icons. Hence the Dawn of the Unread crew decided to lock me in a disused asylum with a supply of organic pasties, a typewriter and every zombie film ever made. My mission: a trip around the globe in 12 zombie movies.

The downside? I kind of got zombified.

Seriously, folks, that is some major necrosis on my beard!

I’ll be posting links on Agitation as and when my reviews (and other interesting content) appear, but in the meantime here’s some places to visit for more details:

Dawn of the Unread website 

Dawn of the Unread blog 

Project overview on the LeftLion website

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