Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zombies, whistling, excuses, excuses ...

Yeah, I know. I’ve been neglecting this blog. But you can get your fix of all things Agitation over at Dawn of the Unread where I’m reviewing the micro-budgeted German zombie film ‘Rammbock’.

Elsewhere in the web-o-sphere, there’s my review of the quirky new book ‘A Brief History of the Whistling’ on the Five Leaves Bookshop website, my poem ‘The Grayling Damnation’ is on the Poetry 24 website, and you can go here to download the “circles” issue of Here Comes Everyone which contains my poem ‘Prayer’.

Film reviews will return to these hallowed pages next week, with a certain comic book anti-hero with a square jaw, a big helmet and a rigid sense of justice; and with a look at Miyazaki’s swansong.

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