Friday, May 06, 2011

George Clooney

Those who know me well will know that not only do I have an epic man-crush on George Clooney, but I am completely comfortable with it. Gorgeous George is 50 today, a glass of beer is being raised, and the doors to Fulwood Towers are open on the off-chance he's in the area!


BRENT said...

I must admit to quite liking the Clooney myself! He seems to keep a low profile and comes across as being a likeable guy. Makes a change from so many Hollywood stars who are egotistical boors.

Neil Fulwood said...

What I like about Clooney is the self-deprecating sense of humour he displays in interviews, and his humanitarian and charitable work outside his film career. The man comes across as basically a very decent guy with a commendable sense of perspective for someone who's enjoyed so much success.

BRENT said...

So right..he reminds me of Paul Newman who done so much for charity by using his own success. You can never knock someone like that, and that is why I like Clooney as is just soooooo likeable!!