Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello, boys, I'm baaa-aaaccck!

I've been paid, the money-grubbing bastards who provide my internet connection have had their pound of flesh, I'm back online, and there's a slew of reviews in the pipeline, including a trashy Roger Corman cheapie, something dark and nasty from one of Korea's leading lights, another Giallo Sunday offering, and a double helping of Asia Argento.

Tomorrow, though, it's gothic drama a-go-go with Martin Scorsese. Book your tickets for the ferry crossing - we're off to Shutter Island.


Franco Macabro said...

Welcome back good sir!

Unknown said...

"...and a double helping of Asia Argento."

That sounds kinda dirty! ; )

Neil Fulwood said...

Franco - thanks, my friend. Good to be back. Amazing the withdrawal symptoms you get from the internet, even after only a few days!

J.D. - yeah, that was rather a suggestive turn of phrase on my part, wasn't it. I've had to assure Mrs F that what I actually meant was a DVD double bill.