Friday, November 11, 2011

A brief word of apology

Dear Everyone on my Link List

I have been checking out your blogs. I have been enjoying your reviews. I haven't been ignoring you. I haven't fallen out with you. If I haven't been leaving comments anywhere near as frequently as I used to - if, in point of fact, I've barely left a comment on anyone's blog in the last couple of weeks - it's not for anti-social reasons.

I recently got my mojo back for writing fiction and have been working on a couple of projects. There's also been my ongoing work for the Alan Sillitoe Statue fund. Some exciting new events are coming up - please keep checking our website for details. I've also been hooked on some terrific books recently: James Robertson's masterpiece-in-waiting 'And the Land Lay Still', Michelle Paver's atmospheric ghost story 'Dark Matter', Niki Valentine's equally effective chiller 'The Haunted' and John le Carre's 'Our Kind of Traitor', an elegant and cynically incisive work that sees him on his best form since 'The Constant Gardener'.

Throw in the requirement that I present myself at the office eight hours a day purely to safeguard the income which I immediately pass on to my mortgage provider, and there's very little time left in the day.

Yours apologetically,


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