Thursday, November 03, 2011

The opera box or the peanut gallery?

Taking a short break from the blog till next week while I put the finishing touches to a new short story and attend this event at the Nottingham Contemporary tomorrow night.

In the meantime, a friend of mine asked if I was going to start reviewing “normal” films again, pointing out that between Black Valentines, Giallo Sundays, Summer of Satan, 13 For Halloween and the forthcoming Winter of Discontent – and with Video Nasties in the lead for next year’s big retrospective – Agitation is in danger of turning into a repository for sex ‘n’ violence exploitationers.

So I’m throwing it open. The poll still has 58 days to run and if you’d like to see Agitation square up to a more refined viewing list, then please hit up the sidebar and vote for something that doesn’t have “video” and “nasties” in the description. If, however, you do want to see a continued consideration of filmic filth and cinematic seediness on these pages … well, then, business as usual!

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