Monday, January 23, 2012

Cowboys and Aliens

Danny Craig and Harry Ford,
Some mighty fine castin, Lord!
Tough guys wearin spurs n guns,
Shootin up them ay-lee-uns.
Sam Rockwell’s also in the cast,
Miss ’Livia Wilde’s a purdy lass.
Too many folk dun wrote the script,
’Haps that’s why it’s hit n miss!
That kinda title, it should be fun,
’Cept it ain’t – it’s moribund.
Danny Craig and Harry Ford,
Who’d thunk I’d be so bored?


The Film Connoisseur said...

Same here bud. I wasnt impressed, the ending was so lackluster!

Neil Fulwood said...

I completely zoned out during the ending. The big fight between Harrison Ford's bunch and the aliens went on way too long and was utterly repetitive, while the business with Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde inside the ship was just 'Independence Day' revisited. And that horribly sentimental coda ... ugh! The less said the better.

A hero never dies said...

C&A was tonally all over the place, it wasted a great cast, especially the great Walton Goggins, it was twice as long as it should have been but worst of all it was bloody boring.

Nice reviewing style Neil, is this something we're likely to see more of?

Neil Fulwood said...

I actually had more fun writing the twelve lines of that Robert Service pastiche than any "proper" review I've penned for a couple of months. As good as the style suits the film I'm writing about, I can definitely see myself doing more reviews of this ilk.