Sunday, August 02, 2009

Another award!

Many thanks to Hans at Quiet Cool for this little number ...

... which goes out, with compliments, to the following luminaries:


The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy

Final Girl

House of Mirth and Movies

The Moviegoer


J.D. said...

Congrats on the award! Well deserved!

Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks, JD. It took a while to build a readership for The Agitation of the Mind, so the recognition of the blog through the recent awards is very pleasing.

Author: Christopher Bourne said...

Hi, Neil! Thanks so much for the recognition. I immensely enjoy reading your blog as well. It's nice to know that people out there appreciate my work, and I'm not just talking to myself. Thanks again for the props.

Paul Matwychuk said...

Thanks, Neil!

Like Christopher, I'm very flattered and grateful for the recognition. I've always known, abstractly, that *someone* out there is probably reading me, but it always comes as a pleasant surprise when somebody specific comes forward.

All the best!

Neil Fulwood said...

My pleasure, gentlemen. I get a great deal of enjoyment reading your blogs (as well as getting steered in the direction of some interesting movies) - keep up the good work.