Saturday, August 01, 2009

Awards ceremony

The tux has been donned, my good lady wife is in her finery, the stretch limo has deposited us at the venue, there's an open tab at the bar, and it just remains for me to take my place at the podium and deliver my speech.

Many thanks to J.D. at Radiator Heaven, a blogger and a gentlemen, for passing onto to me the following awards:

In turn, and allowing for the fact that J.D. has already made an award to Jeremy at Moon in the Gutter, I'd like to pass on the compliment to half a dozen of my favourite bloggers:

See you at the bar, fellas!!


Hans A. said...

Neil, thank you so much. From someone whose work I greatly admire, I am truly humbled to have my blog selected for awards by you. Again, thank you very much and it's quite an honor.

Neil Fulwood said...

You're more than welcome, sir. I've only been reading your blog for a short while, but your reviews are interesting, occasionally experimental, and always of a high standard. You've nudged me in the direction of some very intriguing films.

And thanks for the Great Read Award. Much appreciated.

Samuel Wilson said...

Neil, I'm just stumbling upon this news, so forgive the slow response. I'm honored by your choice of my little blog for an honor whose prestige is proven by your having it.