Sunday, January 31, 2010

January report card

As January draws to a close, the first month's voting on the next director retrospective sees Tim Burton and Chanwook Park at the head of the pack with 8 votes apiece, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Neil Jordan not far behind with 6 votes each, and Alex de la Iglesia and F. Gary Gray lagging somewhat with 2 votes apiece. There has been no love for Mira Nair. The gizmo that reckons up the votes has assigned percentages as follows:

Jeunet: 18%
Burton: 25%
Jordan: 18%
de la Iglesia: 6%
Park: 25%
Gray: 6%
Nair: 0%

... which adds up to 98%, meaning either it can't count or it's a sexist bastard and it's hidden the 2% that someone's ponied up for Mira Nair.

And now I've done criticising the machine, I'll lob a couple of brickbats in my own direction: despite my best intentions (as expressed in my New Year's Day post), I've let the Hellraisers series slide for another month, and clocked up only one post each in the Personal Faves and Work Sucks projects. Meanwhile, I'm five movies into Operation 101010, covering four categories. 95 movies still to go.

Less talking in class. Must try harder.

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