Monday, May 31, 2010

Clint Eastwood: the icon at 80

This from IMDb:

Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood has banned his wife Dina from celebrating his 80th birthday, insisting he stopped marking the anniversary when he turned 70.

The ‘Dirty Harry’ star reaches the milestone on Monday but he is hoping for a quiet one because he doesn’t believe in being showered with gifts at such an advanced age.

He says, “Once you get in the 70s, several things happen. One is, you stop celebrating birthdays. I’ve forbidden my wife. I said, ‘Please, no birthday things’. I don’t need to pretend to open a gift and say, ‘This is just what I wanted.’ I said, ‘Don't get me anything. We'll just have a glass of wine’.”

Enjoy the drink, sir. A glass is being raised to you here at chez Agitation.


Aaron said...

I'll drink to that!

Joe said...

One can only hope when they near 80 they can have a wife like Dina and the wisdom accumulated by Clint Eastwood.

Terrific comments all month long on one of my favorite filmmakers, Neil. I particularly enjoyed your thoughts on two Eastwood movies I didn't get around to watching this month: The Enforcer and Escape From Alcatraz.

Keep these erudite posts drunk on a pure love of cinema coming.

The Film Connoisseur said...

Well said, I myself find birthday kind of stupid, I mean, the singing...and the feeling like a 6 year old when everyone sings...but, I do like that idea of "lets just have a glass of wine" kind of makes sense!

Keith said...

I'll drink to that myself. What a great man. A true icon. He's one of my favorite actors and directors.

J.D. said...

I too have been enjoying you Eastwood-related posts. He certainly is an icon and it constantly amazes me that he's busier now than he ever was!

Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks for commenting, guys. I guess we've all raised a glass to Clint and deservedly so. The phrase "legend in his own lifetime" gets bandied about too often - often enough for it to have degenerated into cliche - but in Clint Eastwood's case it's a statement of fact.

Joe - I love that phrase: "erudite posts drunk on a pure love of cinema". I think I've found a new mission statement!