Tuesday, May 04, 2010

On a non-Eastwood-related note ...

… with all the “is-he-isn’t-he” speculation over Matthew Vaughn as director of the forthcoming ‘X-Men: First Class’, the question I want answering is this:

Will we get a 12-year-old Rogue walking into a room full of hard-ass bad guys and offering “All right, cunts, show me what you’ve got”?

Please God, yes. This could piss all over ‘Last Stand’.


Franco Macabro said...

It probably wont have that, cause you know, this new X-Men movie will be a full on studio production, that means, no cussing, PG-13 rating, no blood or excessive violence.

Basically everything that made Kick ASs cool.

But what Vaughn might bring to it is a bit more credibility or realism? That would be a welcome thing in my book. Im curious to see if he gets the gig and what he would do with the franchise.

Neil Fulwood said...

So much depends on just how much control the studio will want to exert over the film, how determined they are to get a kiddie-friendly rating. Still, like you say, it would be interesting to see what Vaughn brings to the franchise.