Monday, December 07, 2009

Peckinpah month: links & resources #2

Thanks to Troy Olson at Elusive As Robert Denby for drawing my attention to an overview of Peckinpah’s career at The High Hat with links to some incredibly well-written articles covering most of Peckinpah’s output.

Thanks also to J.D. at Radiator Heaven for tipping me the nod to an excellent article on ‘Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia’ at Technicolor Dreams. (UPDATE: another mention for Radiator Heaven's J.D., who has just posted an in-depth write-up on ‘Alfredo Garcia’.)

There’s more love for ‘Alfredo Garcia’ in The Guardian online, where John Patterson heralds it as a true original and Peckinpah’s masterpiece, while David Thomson attempts a deconstruction in Sight & Sound.

The Guardian online also features a contemplative piece by Rick Moody, who questions Peckinpah’s reputation as a director of violence and argues his case as a realist filmmaker.

John Hodson, in Film Journal, proves himself as passionate an aficionado of Peckinpah’s work as anybody I’ve read. His piece is titled “A Peckinpah idolator writes” and it pretty much nails everything that makes me love Sam’s work wholeheartedly.


Unknown said...

Hey Neil! Here's a link to my post on ALFREDO GARCIA!

Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks for contributing, J.D. Hell of an article you've written, unearthing some fascinating background. Even I didn't know about Peckinpah's "Hollywood is over" quote and the controversy that ensued.

I've just updated this post with a link.

Thanks again for being part of the blog-a-thon.

John Hodson said...

Thanks for the link Neil; here's another I think all Peckinpah fans will enjoy -

Unknown said...

Thanks, Neil. It's my pleasure. Yeah, that "Hollywood is over" quote is a beauty and vintage Sam! That Garner Simmons book is a good one. The guy really did his homework and knew the man while he was alive which gives his book considerable credibility.

Neil Fulwood said...

John - my pleasure; I enjoyed reading your article very much. Thanks for the link to the 'Passion & Poetry' review. I'll mention that in a future article.

J.D. - I'm just sketching out a piece on the available literature on Peckinpah (it'll be up later today) and I'll definitely make mention of the Simmons book.

John Hodson said...

Neil; just a further note to say that I'm enjoying Peckinpah month very much. Really fine work.

Neil Fulwood said...

Many thanks, John. It's been a time-consuming project so far, but the response I've had has made it worthwhile. There's still a lot of love out there for the man and his movies.