Monday, December 14, 2009

Peckinpah month: links & resources #3

Inexplicably missed off my ‘Peckinpah in Print’ article last week, ‘Sam Peckinpah Interviews’ edited by Kevin J Hayes (University of Mississippi, 2008) gets the in-depth review it deserves, by Gabrielle Murray, on Senses of Cinema.

Already linked to in my ‘Sam Peckinpah’s maverick moments’ piece (but what the hell? – it’s a great article) is Rich English’s ‘Guns & Tequila’, brilliantly illustrated with an inspired spoof of the ‘Getaway’ poster, in Modern Drunkard Magazine. I’ll leave you to guess what aspect of Peckinpah’s life it focuses on.

Peckinpah’s life and career on set (as opposed to down the pub) gets the overview treatment on Acid Logic as part of their unambiguously titled “Interesting Motherfuckers” series.

The inimitable Kim Morgan waxes lyrical on the curious romantic appeal of Warren Oates in ‘Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia’. Her wonderfully titled article ‘The Love Song of D Samuel Peckinpah’ can be read either at The Huffington Post or on her own site, Sunset Gun.

There’s a review of Mike Siegel’s authoritative documentary ‘Passion and Poetry: The Ballad of Sam Peckinpah’ (more about which later this week) at DVD Times, while the archives at This Savage Art yielded a blog-a-thon that ran two years ago – plenty of links to some very well-written articles.

Elsewhere, you can join in all manner of Peckinpah related debate at discussion at Earned in Blood, the Sam Peckinpah forum; or test your knowledge of the man and his work in the Sam Peckinpah Showdown Quiz at – 30 questions, fairly easy to begin with but a few thorny ones thrown in towards the end.

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