Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bring me the head of T-Mobile

For about two years now, my internet access (at home anyway) has been via one of those T-Mobile Web 'n' Walk sticks. Apart from vacillations in upload speed and an occasional tendency to drop out of connection, it's served me fairly well.

Tonight, however, and with the service unasked for and definitely unrequired (I'm over 18; I don't have any children), it's decided to impose a content lock. Blogger? Blocked. YouTube? Blocked. Anything that might return a hit from a Google search along the lines of "hot girl on girl action"? Fuhgeddaboudit! I tried logging in to the T-Mobile website, but the unlock feature didn't work.

After much searching and perusing of forums, I've finally managed to log-in via a proxy site. Most proxies, if the last hour and a half of wasted life has been anything to go by, either don't let you log on to Blogger or let you log on but give up the ghost when you hit the "new post" button.

This one ( has allowed me to create a new post, however the upload and link buttons are missing. Hence the post I had written for tonight (my set of answers to Dennis Cozzallo's latest quiz at SLIFR) complete with links and illustrative material will have to wait until I've had the opportunity to call in at a T-Mobile store tomorrow with proof of age. The fact that you have to be over 18 in order to have a fucking contract with them in the first place seems to be lost on them.

Hopefully The Agitation of the Mind will return tomorrow.

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