Saturday, September 25, 2010

SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND: Barbara Bouchet in Don't Torture a Duckling


Aaron said...

I love Ms. Bouchet. She's such an amazing actress (or something like that). I know I'm in the minority when I say that I don't care for DUCKLING, but she makes watching it all the more "enjoyable". RICCO THE MEAN MACHINE is also a good one. I'm looking forward to watching her in CRY OF A PROSTITUTE alongside Henry Silva one of these days, as soon as I can get the uncut version.

Neil Fulwood said...

Not seen 'Ricco the Mean Machine' and I've only ever seen 'Cry of a Prostitute' in a cut-to-ribbons print that was so fuzzy and faded that I gave up watching it after about 20 minutes.

What we need is some enterprising DVD company to release a Barbara Bouchet box set: she's definitely underrated and her films deserve wider exposure.

Cliff said...

Dang, now I have to find this movie somewhere. And Mlle. Bouchet has always been one of my faves. Here's my appreciation, if you're interested: