Friday, October 15, 2010

13 for Halloween

I’m back. And as if spending the last few weeks eating, drinking, sleeping and dreaming movies in order to finish off Operation 101010 wasn’t enough, I’m immediately getting stuck into a new, equally numerically specific project.

Welcome, friends, Romans and movie buffs, to 13 for Halloween.

From tomorrow, I’ll be posting 13 articles entirely dedicated to horror movies as we countdown to Halloween. That’s a post a day, factoring in three deliberately chosen Something For The Weekend galleries.

There will be comedy horror. There will be Nazi zombies. There will be a couple of visits to the most infamous bit of real estate in America (clue: it starts with “Amity” and ends with “ville”). There will – as the banner abundantly illustrates – be blood.

It starts tomorrow. Everybody’s invited. Bring your own body parts. We’ll meet at the Slaughtered Lamb.


Bryce Wilson said...

Just don't make the guy playing darts inside miss. He HATES that.

Neil Fulwood said...

He's NEVER missed before.