Friday, October 22, 2010

Gleeful hypocrisy

While I admire Dianna Agron's diplomacy in trying to diffuse the storm in a teacup over her GQ photoshoot with two of her 'Glee' co-starts, was there any need for The Parents' Television Council to be quite so hyperbolic? According to them, the photoshoot "borders on paedophilia". For God's sake, get a grip - she's 24!

And also, isn't there a degree of hypocrisy at work here? Are these self-appointed moralists seriously trying to suggest that it's fine to tune in week after week to see her in a cheerleader's outfit ...

... but this is beyond the pail?

I mean, if she was topless and sprawled out on the floor of the gym with nothing but a stragetically placed pom-pom between Middle America and her holiest of holies, yeah I can see how that would be controversial.

But you'd have to be Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi to get that upset over a few inches of midriff and a shapely pair of legs!


stonerphonic said...

I'm more offended that she didn't get her full kit off!!!

Fuck The Parents' Television Council up the ass. Repeatedly. As if having the PMRC alive during the same generation wasn't already bad enuff.

Let me make up my own mind you moralistic bastards as to what's right or wrong.

England's Queen Victoria is DEAD. Except in the minds of uptight right-wing fundamentalist born again bigots in middle class America..... WTF!!!

The PTC... bunch of fuckin 2nd rate Amish wannabes.


Neil Fulwood said...

"The PTC... bunch of fuckin 2nd rate Amish wannabes."

I reckon that sums it up. Well said, my man!