Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Coming attractions

Last month's foreign film fest was a decent change of pace from July's Shots on the Blog, even though the crime aspect carried over in the murder investigation subplot of 'Matador', the shady shenanigans of 'What Have I Done to Deserve This?' and the basic hunt-for-hidden-riches premise of 'Warm Water Under a Red Bridge'.

I'm not bothering with a theme for September, though. This month will pretty much be a grab bag of whatever takes my fancy. A cleansing of the palate prior to the Third Annual Dirk-Fest next in October and an entire month of all things Peckinpah in December.

December 28th is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the maverick maestro's passing and I'll be showing some serious love for Bloody Sam here on The Agitation of the Mind. There'll be a retrospective of all fourteen films, links, resources, an overview of the available literature on Peckinpah and a whole host of stills and screengrabs.

25 Years Gone: A Tribute to Sam Peckinpah is open to everyone. Feel free to swipe one of the banners, blog about your favourite Peckinpah film (the poll currently has 'Straw Dogs' in the lead) and send me the link. Thanks to everyone who's already showed interest. Let's see the year out in fine style with one of America's most influential directors.

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