Sunday, February 28, 2010

February report card

February edges to a close and the second month's voting on the next director retrospective puts Jean-Pierre Jeunet in pole position with 14 votes, and Tim Burton and Chanwook Park in joint second place with 11 votes apiece, with Neil Jordan unmoving since January with 6 votes, and likewise for Alex de la Iglesia and F. Gary Gray who still have but 2 votes apiece.
Mira Nair remains heinously unvoted-for.

The gizmo that computes the percentages tells me that the votes work out thusly:

Jeunet: 30%
Burton: 23%
Jordan: 13%
de la Iglesia: 4%
Park: 23%
Gray: 4%
Nair: 0%

... which adds up to 97%. Next frickin’ poll, I’m doing the maths myself.

February’s entries paid lip service to the Hellraisers and Work Sucks series (one review each), as well as clocking up a handful of posts under the Personal Faves banner. Operation 101010 has fared better: I’m now 14 movies into the 100, covering eight categories. It breaks down like this:

Clint Eastwood movies
None yet. All ten titles will appear during May, when The Agitation of the Mind marks Eastwood’s 80th birthday with a month-long celebration of his achievements as actor, director and icon.

Werner Herzog movies
1. Little Dieter Needs to Fly
2. Wings of Hope

1. My Neighbour Totoro
2. Sky Blue

1. All the Colours of the Dark
2. Blood Stained Shadow

1. The Aristocrats
2. An Inconvenient Truth

1. Amarcord
2. Winter Light

1. Intolerable Cruelty
2. Kissing Jessica Stein

1. Sylvia

Impulse buys

1. Rise: Blood Hunter

Films with numbers in the title
None yet.

To Steve, who suggested ‘Seven Samurai’ for this last category, apologies that the review hasn’t appeared yet. Keep watching this space.


Aaron said...

I will be re-starting Operation 101010 soon. Don't think that I left you hanging!! :)

P.S. I vote for Jeunet almost every time I visit your page.

Bryce Wilson said...

After making Amelia there's nothing shameful about not voting for Mira Nair.

Neil Fulwood said...

Aaron - kinda glad you're plugging away for Jeunet: the longer the poll's been up, the more I'm hoping Jean-Pierre wins; I think his filmography is going to be the most fun to write about.

Bryce - valid point, sir. She's only got herself to blame.