Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten for 101010

Several factors have combined to prod me in the direction of an undertaking that will see a glut of material appearing on Agitation over the next few days followed by a short break at the beginning of next month.

1) I’ve had some time off this week (which I’ve mostly spent watching movies and drinking beer – some would call it a wasted life, others a way of life) and there’s still the bank holiday to look forward to.

2) I’ve neglected my non-blog writing project in recent weeks and I need to make a concerted effort to re-engage with it.

3) I’ve noticed that just about every article I write for Agitation does its damnedest to head for the 1,000 word mark or even sprint past it.

4) Posting the last couple of (non-Operation 101010) articles has reminded me how beholden the blog seems to have become to that lunatic project, and how much Operation 101010 is starting to feel like a millstone around my neck, particularly since I’m only just over half way through the 100 and it’s almost the end of August.

So, starting today and blasting through until bank holiday Monday, I’ll be posting two Operation 101010 articles a day, keeping them short and sweet at around the 500 word mark. Then I’ll be taking a week off to square up to the novel again.

First review’ll be up in a few minutes after I’ve swiped a few screencaps. Heads down, see you at the end.


Aaron said...

I'm falling way behind on my OP10 movies. No more themes for the rest of the year for me, or until I get them done. I also decided to scrap the 10 Books for something else that I haven't decided yet. If I didn't feel so guilty for kinda luring you into this, I probably would have given up altogether!

Neil Fulwood said...

No worries. If I hadn't been so transparent as to preface each Op10 post with exactly where I was in each category and overall, I might have let the whole thing quietly fade away ...