Friday, January 14, 2011

Du Welz week: links and resources

It’s fair to say that the internet isn’t exactly overloaded with Fabrice du Welz resources, and information on the forthcoming ‘Alleluia’ is sketchy at best – little more than a regurgitated press release.

Still, by way of rounding off this week’s mini-season, here’s a few places the du Welz fan (or even the interested newcomer) might want to visit:

There’s du Welz’s own MySpace page. And his IMDb page.

There are interviews on ‘Calvaire’ at Eat My Brains and Zeta Minor, as well as a review at Associated Content which examines the film in context of the backwoods survival sub-genre.

Du Welz discusses ‘Vinyan’ at FilmFour, Twitch and Onderhand.

And there’s a look ahead to ‘Alleluia’ at Anything Horror in an article title ‘The French Invasion Continues’, which also touches on upcoming projects by Pascal Laugier and Xavier Gens.

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