Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy 41st birthday to Heather Graham.


Jeremy Richey said...

She's great...I've thought she was great since I first saw her in DRUGSTORE COWBOY more than twenty years ago and I always will.

J.D. said...

I remember first seeing her in TWIN PEAKS and loving her wholesome character and then the complete shock to the system of Roller Girl in BOOGIE NIGHTS.

I would also second Jeremy's sentiments in DRUGSTORE COWBOY. Her character's demise in that film always bums me out. No one wonder Bob went sober after that.

Neil Fulwood said...

Good call on 'Drugstore Cowboy'. Like J.D., 'Twin Peaks' was my first exposure to Heather Graham and that whole girl-next-door look really did it for me. Then I saw her in 'Drugstore Cowboy' and realised she had the acting chops to go with it. I'll pretty much watch her in anything, even though (unfortunately) there's a fair bit of fluff on her CV.

Still, I love the fact that she can appear in one scene - a la swingers - and bring heart and soul to the movie, or sportingly send up her glamour girl image (the second 'Austin Powers' outing) and still be devastatingly sexy.

Thanks for commenting, guys; and kudos on your excellent taste in women!