Saturday, January 01, 2011

For the sake of auld lang syne

To everyone who reads this blog, Happy New Year. A glass of the Isle of Syke’s finest (ie.Talisker) is being raised to all of you. As the Scots would say: slainte mhath.

Last year, Agitation was kind of defined by my questionable decision to undertake Operation 101010. Don’t get wrong, I saw something interesting stuff and one of the categories allowed me a month-long Clint Eastwood fest in honour of the great man’s 80th birthday. But it got to be a drag, particularly in the final stages. I didn’t start having fun on Agitation until 13 for Halloween in the last fortnight of October, and the Winter of Discontent trash movies project that I ended the year with.

I’m going to do 13 for Halloween and Winter of Discontent again this year. Winter of Discontent will chime nicely with Summer of Satan – such was the winner of last year’s poll with 33% of the vote. In addition, and depending on how many of her movies I can track down, August will be a celebration of Barbara Bouchet’s career, programmed to coincide with her 68th birthday. The one other task I’m setting myself on Agitation this year – starting tomorrow – is to work my way, every Sunday, through all the gialli I’ve not seen yet (including, to my shame, the one that started it all: Mario Bava’s ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much’).

Aside from all this, the year will be starting with a bang as I join forces with Francisco from The Film Connoisseur between the 3rd and 5th of the month for Viva la Revolution, a celebration of revolutionary behaviour on film. Please fly the flag for the revolution, display one of our banners and check out both our blogs.


Armin said...

"Islay’s finest (ie.Talisker)"

Ahem, Talisker isn't from Islay. Talisker is from Skye. About 80-90 miles away...

Neil Fulwood said...

Got my isles mixed uo. Oooops. Duly rectified.