Saturday, November 13, 2010

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Personal Faves double bill

'Twas on this day in 2007 that The Agitation of the Mind came into existence. It took a while, but I've slowly built a core audience of readers and fellow bloggers. To all of you who've been on the journey with me - thanks; it's because of you that I keep this going instead of, I dunno, drinking stupid amounts of beer and bitching about the job.

Which provides me with a nice segue to 'Glengarry Glen Ross', a film I first approached thinking it was a documentary about single malt Scotch whisky. 'Glengarry Glen Ross' was one of the two highest ranking films in the Personal Faves poll I've been running over the last week.

The poll closed a few hours ago. The votes have been counted. The people have spoken. The allegations of multiple voting remain suspected but unproven. In a few minutes, I'll be watching 'Glengarry Glen Ross', marshalling my thoughts over a light lunch, then blogging a review. Afterwards, there'll be a quick trip to an idyllic island, a nice little getaway spot, where a bunch of Japanese high schoolers will be attempting to kill each other in 'Battle Royale'.

To summarise: work sucks and so does being a teenager. It's cut and thrust and knife in the back at the office, but it's sheer bloody murder on a school trip. Your career prospects are under threat when it's Alec Baldwin turning up from head office to give you a motivational seminar, and you don't even want to know the implications of having Takeshi Kitano as your teacher.

Welcome to The Agitation of the Mind's gleefully misanthropic anniversary special!


Aaron said...

Bummer, I didn't vote for either one of those movies! Congrats on your blogging anniversary, Neil.

Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks, Aaron. Out of interest, what did you vote for? I'm guessing 'Bullet in the Head' would have been one of your picks.

Bryce Wilson said...

Congratulations on making 3 years Neil.

We your readers are all the better for it.

And for the record I voted for Withnail And I and Bullet In the Head.


Neil Fulwood said...

The very line that had me in stitches reading your Harry Potter article earlier today.

Bryce Wilson said...

Well I can't help it. It's like "Things you don't want to hear when locked alone in a room with Richard Griffith."

I'll probably have trouble keeping it out of my head when watching The Invention Of Hugo Cabaret.

Don't get me wrong Griffith is a fine actor. But his part in Withnail is just one of those roles that's so good you can't see around.

He may never had played The Dane, but for my money Uncle Monty is just as good.