Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something heartwarming for the weekend

After spending the last three days posting what added up to almost 4,000 words on the daddy of all video nasties, ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, it’s time for The Agitation of the Mind to get back in touch with its human side.

Matt of Chuck Norris Ate My Baby fame and his fiancée Liz (that’s them on the sidebar) have reached the second round of a wedding contest being held by the OC Register. Click here for Matt’s post on his blog explaining the whys and the wherefores, then click here to vote for them.

Do read Matt and Liz’s story before you place your vote; I think you’ll agree they deserve to win. Please take a couple of minutes to register on the site (all it costs is your time) and support them.

Thank you.

(Back to the filth, depravity and gratuitous exploitation tomorrow.)

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