Thursday, November 25, 2010

These movies have warped my fragile little mind …

… and you know something? I love it!

Well, actually tonight’s double bill weren’t as much fun as some of the other entries in Winter of Discontent. Which is why I’m posting both reviews tonight. Clearing the decks so I can see out November with a series of films featuring a Teutonic anti-heroine of pneumatic proportions.

Winter of Discontent will continue well into December with a slew of sexploitation titles, assorted gialli, a welter of the weird and wonderful, and a grand finale which one lucky winner will get to pick from a shortlist of depraved and disreputable titles – yup, it’s The Agitation of the Mind’s first competition. Check in tomorrow for full details.

In the meantime, let’s get the demoralizing duo of ‘Rope and Skin’ and ‘The House on Straw Hill’ out of the way.


Bryce Wilson said...

If you've got room in your roster for another recommend, I highly recommend The Black Gestapo.

It's Candy Snatchers wrong.

Seriously, like uncomfortably so. There's a scene where a hooker gets beaten up that I'm pretty sure is unfaked. I don't think the movie had the budget to fake trackmarks.

It'll leave you feeling genuinely icky.

Neil Fulwood said...

If I can find a copy, I'll feature in on December's roster.

It's not like my fragile little mind hasn't been warped enough!