Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm dreadfully sorry, sir, but I'm afraid the cannibalism is off the menu tonight

The Agitation of the Mind announces that tonight’s review of a certain light romantic comedy by Ruggero Deodato has unfortunately been delayed.

I have no other excuse than I’ve spent the last couple of hours churning out 1,500 words and the review is nowhere near finished.

I’m starting to worry about myself. Give me an acknowledged classic of world cinema, something that would send Leslie Halliwell into raptures, and I’m done with it in about 700 words. Give me ‘Thriller – A Cruel Picture’ and I pen a 1,800 word epic and bulk it out even more with two dozen screengrabs.

What I’m going to do with the ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ review, just to keep it manageable, is split it into three articles which I’ll post over the next three nights. The first will look at the furore which greeted the film’s release and the controversies that still cling to it; the second will be a more or less straightforward review; and in the third I’ll look at why ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ is an important film never mind how gut-wrenchingly unpleasant it is.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my neighbours’ cat; it’s the last nice thing you’re going to see on the blog this week.


Bryce Wilson said...

Dude I totally feel your pain.

I struggle to get out a decent five hundred word essay on a film I dearly love. And then spray out a thousand word essay on a fucking Christopher Columbus film with zero effort.


stonerphonic said...

i just had to stop blogging!!!!

what would start out as a "shit, this film is sweet, go watch it" kinda review always became an epic of biblical proportion on just about every damn movie (except Survival of the Dead... rrrrrrrrrr).

one day i'll get my act together and just limit my ass to a 500 word deal. maybe.....

Neil Fulwood said...

Bryce - probably the same thing that's wrong with me. Maybe it's contagious!

Stonerphonic - one of the reasons I decided to do a mini-season of exploitation movies was because I could knock out concise little 300-400 word reviews on them without wasting too much time. What the hell do I know?

Lucy Beckett said...

Sorry Neil completely off the subject but can you kidnap Domino for me? I want him!!!! Thanks

Neil Fulwood said...

Hi, Lucy. All you need is a piece of cooked chicken or a bit of salmon, and he'll prove the world's most co-operative kidnap victim.