Thursday, December 30, 2010

Service announcement

Apologies for the lack of content recently – I’ve been occupied with my “Viva la Revolution!” pieces for the new year as well as working on a couple of short fiction projects.

I’ve also done a bit of housekeeping on the blog. The link list was getting a tad overgrown and the time had come to get the cyber-secateurs out and cut it back a bit. Problem was: I like all of the blogs on the list. Which didn’t help me with my other problem: I’m discovering new film blogs all the time.

There were some blogs on the link list which have been discontinued but I’d maintained a link to because I was still exploring their archives. There were others who haven’t posted for a while but I was holding out hope that their owners resumed blogging.

Ultimately, I decided to get ruthless. Today I pruned the link list based on the following criteria:

1. The link is dead (ie. “the blog you were looking for has not been found”).

2. The owner has announced closure of the blog.

3. The blog has ceased to be primarily about cinema.

4. No new material has appeared for at least three months.

Here’s the caveat, and the reason that I’m even posting about something as mundane as cleaning up the link list: to err is human and I have a proven track record of fallibility. If you’re the owner of a blog that has suddenly disappeared from my link list and it doesn’t fall into the above delineated categories, please don’t take the hump with me; simply assume that I’ve cocked up, leave a message in the comments box and I’ll happily and apologetically restore the link. Likewise, if you haven’t posted for a while and you resume blogging activities again, please let me know – again, I’ll be more than happy to restore the link.

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