Friday, February 25, 2011

Mini reviews

In addition to putting the call out for guest articles to augment the fortnight’s worth of material I’ve got prepared for the blog – the aim being to free up a month’s worth of evenings and weekends to really make headway with my embryonic novel while at the same time maintaining semi-regular content on these pages – it has to be said that the last couple of films I’ve watched fell outwith the remit of The Agitation of the Mind: ie. celebrating what’s great about cinema rather than picking over the carcass of its failures.

Where do ‘Frailty’ and ‘The Butterfly Effect’ fit into the scheme of things? They’re not great enough to merit an 800 word article, nor are they fuck-awful enough to have fun writing a piss-take review (tune in next week for an overview of a horror movie franchise you can cheerfully file under “so bad it’s good”).

Then it occurred to me: haiku.


Bill Paxton directs
As solidly as he acts
But twist ending sucks


Dark childhood secrets
Imbue first half with tension
Rest of film so-so


Simon said...

Rock and roll.

Neil Fulwood said...


Rock and (applying
Fourteen extra syllables
To make haiku) roll.