Friday, March 11, 2011

Mini reviews 2

After the haiku of a couple of weeks ago, some more succinct reviews – this time in rhyming couplets – of films I watched purely for the entertainment factor during breaks from working on the novel and probably wouldn’t have written several-hundred word reviews of even if I didn’t the manuscript to work on.

Not included are two recent releases – ‘Paul’ and ‘True Grit’ – which I enjoyed as much as anything I’ve seen on the big screen for a while. I’ll post full write-ups on these two next week.


This first film proved amusing but
Things soon descended into smut.


A dude who’s great on SNL
Makes big screen debut: goes to hell.


It could have been a big old mess
But for Amy Adams’ awesomeness.


The story’s fun, the tunes are hot.
Disney does stereotypes? Surely not!


Jet Li and The Stat team up with Sly,
A fuckload of shit gets blown sky-high.


BRENT said...

What did you think of The Expendables? I personally thought it absolute garbage!!
Funny thing is for all the blogs I've visited no-one else seems to have watched it or even reviewed it. Maybe that is telling me something!

Neil Fulwood said...

I'd be too disheartened to write an actual review of 'The Expendables'. It was an absolute waste of potential. Sure, there were a couple of decent scenes - the flying-boat strafing the harbour, and a fairly well-edited car chase - but it kept most of its cast in the background so it could be the Sly and Stat Show for most of the running time, the script was just muddle of cliches, the characters didn't even have enough dimension to be one-dimensional and the climatic sequence at the general's hacienda dragged on so long that even tough guys beating on each other and shit blowing up every other minute just got very boring very quickly. I'm glad I rented it and didn't waste good money on the price of a cinema ticket.

BRENT said...

Ha ha ha! You have said it all in one simple reply and saved yourself the bother of having to write a review!
An absolute waste of potential and the unfortunaye part for me is I did waste money on a ticket!!!
Believe me the more this movie went on the worse it got and I was truley grateful when it ended! I left the theatre shaking my head in dis-belief that this even made theatres as it really should have gone straight to DVD.